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PyData track at the Budapest ML Forum

The Budapest ML Forum is a data science, machine learning and AI conference held every spring in Budapest, Hungary. It’s part of our data conference series which also includes Budapest BI Forum and Budapest Data Forum. The conference will run in a hybrid format, so both in-person and remote attendance is supported.

We love Python and PyData!

The Budapest BI Forum had a PyData track for several years, with a focus on practical applications from data engineering to data visualization. Our past speakers include Wes McKinneyIan OzsvaldVincent WarmerdamAlexander Hendorf,  Nick Radcliffe, and Olivier Grisel.

For the Budapest ML Forum we plan to have a wide array of Python sessions, including:

  • Computer vision and NLP in Python
  • Modern dataframes
  • Effective notebooks
  • ML frameworks and MLOPS tools
  • Performance tuning and parallelization
  • useful and/or interesting Python libraries and more.

We also planning a few R and Julia talks, so the conference will be a great opportunity to discover new tools, approaches and solutions for data problems similar to yours.

What to do next?

  • Apply to the CFP – international speakers are warmly welcomed. Accepted speakers receive free registration and travel support,  among other benefits.  The CFP deadline is March 20., more details are here: Budapest ML Forum Call for Presentations.  The CPF is now closed.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @budapestmlforum, so you’ll get notifications about the conference
  • Attend  Budapest ML 2022! If your are considering attending the conference in-person, here is a few good reason to visit Budapest. If you prefer to stay at home, online tickets are also available.