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Discover Budapest!

The conference will be organized in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Well-known for its beautiful landscape, historic sights, thermal baths and vivid nightlife, the city offers much to see and do for everyone.

The historical side of Budapest

The remarkable architecture of Budapest is a mixture of a variety of styles from different eras. Check out the top 3 must-see attractions in Budapest, which are definitely worth a visit.

The baths of Budapest

Budapest is also well-known for its bathing culture. The baths offer an excellent opportunity to unwind and relax after a packed day of conference sessions.
Have a look
at our baths and spas!

The famous nightlife of Budapest

Budapest offers the unique ruin pubs experience, with many different places to drink a beer or be a part of the nightlife of Budapest. Browse them here and pick your favorite!

Taste of Budapest

Hungarian cuisine is one of the outstanding elements of Hungarian culture, with a variety of creative dishes and a unique and characteristic taste. For example: Goulash soup, Lángos and Kürtöskalács.

Views of Budapest

Is is also possible to join an evening cruise on the Danube or try the 65-meter high mobile ferris wheel in the heart of the city.