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Machine Learning applications in the Online Gambling Industry

Online betting is a high growth consumer entertainment sector with millions of data points on customer behaviour. This volume of data creates endless opportunities for ML based optimization and predictions. The industry is facing a major challenge in structuring, channelling and leveraging its vast amount of data for the best possible analytical and machine learning use.
The presentation provides an overview of various machine learning applications in sports betting (bookmaking) and online casinos.

Máté Sinkó
Director, Prospect AI – Betting Analytics

Máté has been heading up the Advanced Analytics and Data Science department at UK’s leading online bookmaker LadbrokesCoral group, where he has implemented a wide range of predictive and optimization solutions across the business.
Today Máté runs his own betting analytics consulting practice, working with leading sports betting operators in North America, UK and Africa, defining and running projects around analytics, ML strategy, roadmap, implementation, acceleration.