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Hybrid conference – In person vs. online attendance or both?

The Budapest ML Forum will be held in a special hybrid format, combining personal and online elements.

What does the hybrid format mean?

The first day of the conference (May 3.) is planned to be attended in-person, but if you prefer the online version you have a chance to follow the talks via background streaming which means that the presentation material and voice of the speakers will be available.

The second day, (May 4), will be run entirely online, so we can invite speakers who would not otherwise be able to travel to Hungary.


Only two-day tickets can be exchanged for the conference which available in two types:

  • “Hybrid” tickets provide in-person access on the first day and online access on the second day
  • “Only online” tickets are valid only for remote access on both days.
    Due to the online format these tickets are cheaper.

If you change your mind, the ticket type can be modified up to 2 weeks before the event.
In case if you would like to switch to “Hybrid ticket” from “Only online ticket”, the difference between the two ticket types must be paid. (as per current prices)
In case if you would like to switch to “Only online ticket” from “Hybrid ticket”, we will refund the difference. (as per the price at the time of the purchase)