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The Budapest ML Forum is a new online conference covering data science, machine learning and AI. It’s third member of our data conference series, which also include the Budapest Data Forum and the Budapest BI Forum.

The main language of the Conference is Hungaian, but we are considering a limited number of English talks as well.

Conference topics

The conference program committee selected a set of key topics for this year's edition.

Please note that this list is not meant to be exclusive and other valuable talk ideas will also be considered.


Our first speakers have been announced on the Hungarian page.

The list includes senior experts from K&H Bank, Vodafone Hungary, Turbine AI, and Neural Machines.

Call for Presentations

Although the main language of the conference is Hungarian, English talk proposal are also welcome. Please visit our English CFP page for more information or reach out to us.

The submission deadline was March 8, 2021.


Early bird registration are now available on our Hungarian page.

For registering non Hungarian-speaking  attendees or speakers please reach out to us.


The Conference Sponsor Group is currently being organized.

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference please reach out to us.