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Ryan Boyd

MotherDuck (US)
June 8 · Online · English talk

DuckDB: My laptop is faster than your Data Warehouse

Ducks Crunching Data

Data warehouses are the modern mainframes – large shared compute designed for everyone and nobody.With advances in CPUs, memory, SSDs, and the software that enables it all, our personal machines are powerful beasts relegated to handling a few Chrome tabs and sitting 90% idle. As data engineers and data analysts, this seems like a waste that’s not only expensive, but also impacting the environment. How can we take advantage of this compute and tandem with cloud compute environments? DuckDB is an open source in-process OLAP engine for vectorized analysis of columnar data. It supports SQL, including some advanced analytics capabilities like window functions and data sampling. In this session, I’ll introduce DuckDB, show its capabilities with a bunch of demos and talk about how our team at MotherDuck is exploring using the cloud and a hybrid querying architecture to take advantage of all idle compute power.


Ryan Boyd is a Boulder-based software engineer, data + authNZ geek and technology executive. He’s currently a co-founder at MotherDuck, where they’re making data analytics fun, frictionless and ducking awesome. He previously led developer relations teams at Databricks, Neo4j and Google Cloud. He’s the author of O’Reilly’s Getting Started with OAuth 2.0. Ryan advises B2B SaaS startups on growth marketing and developer relations as a Partner at Hypergrowth Partners.