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 Árpád Takács Ph.D.

Sensor Fusion Group Leader
Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary (HU)
June 6 · In-person · English talk

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The evolution of AI-based algorithms in automated driving SW components

In the past decade, AI-based technologies have become an integral part of autonomous mobility. Recent advances are gradually implemented in future products, improving the quality and safety of the delivered functionalities along the operation chain: Sense, Plan & Act. This talk will dive deeper in the evolution of ‘classical’ algorithmic approaches in automated driving to use of modern AI-based and AI-aided methods. We will discuss the demand of scalable and robust solutions through case studies (e.g. automated parking in challenging environments), where AI-based algorithms perform very well, and we will touch on the list of pros and cons of using low level and high level sensor fusion, highlighting the current market demand, HW landscape and sensor trends.


Árpád Takács joined Continental’s AI Development Center team at Budapest in 2021, building and leading a group of engineers focusing on comprehensive environment modeling in various autonomous driving applications. Holding a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, he received his PhD in surgical robotics from Óbuda University. Árpád has more than 7 years of engineering and business development experience in the autonomous driving industry in both startup and corporate environments.